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Welcome to Stone Home Building where passion for helping clients build beautiful and functional homes is the main focus! I’m Ryan Stone. I hold a California general building license with the Contractors State License Board and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from California State University East Bay. I am a detail oriented, skilled professional builder. I enjoy working for great people while managing multi-faceted intricate projects. I work with a tight-knit group of trusted and highly skilled expert tradesmen and women to bring excellence to every job.

With over a decade of residential home building experience, I’ve learned when and where to incorporate sustainable and environmentally responsible methods and materials into my building and remodeling practices to create breathtaking bathrooms, kitchens, and additions. I also work on extensive home repairs. I take pride in providing professional and quality services, and I always stand by my work. I strive to make a difference in people’s lives by making each home remodeling project comfortable, organized, efficient, and effective. Communication is key! Throughout construction I check in frequently with my clients to ensure satisfaction and to exceed all expectations.

Early years

My love for building began when I was a child growing up with my mom, dad, younger sister, and family dog in the quaint town of San Lorenzo, California, just south of Oakland. My home was always a special and comfortable place for me. I was introduced to the world of construction by the fascinating construction-based television networks like HGTV and TLC, and TV shows like This Old House, While You Were Out, and In a Fix. I spent hours watching those shows and I was very inspired by the joy of seeing people’s lives elevated as their home environments were transformed. This led me to the dream of mastering the construction trade.


I began the pursuit of my dream by learning the basics, through Laney College’s carpentry program, where I was referred by my instructor to David Gerstel, the legendary builder and author of Running a Successful Construction Company, Crafting the Considerate House, and Nail Your Numbers. I worked as David’s apprentice carpenter on my very first project, a project that gave me an opportunity to build a new home from the ground up. I remember driving right past the dirt lot the first time I was on that street. In that moment I realized just how valuable and life changing this opportunity would be! To my pure delight I even ended up in David’s book, Crafting the Considerate House, which featured the house we built together.

From there I went on to work with other leading contractors in the Bay Area, Stephen Swan (Swan Building), Willie J. Lord (Ecological Builders), and Robert Andrew Meade (Mundial), to name a few, who have all become great friends and mentors . . . Before I decided to venture off on my own, I worked for McCutcheon Construction where I had the opportunity to head up some amazing award-winning jobs as Project Lead. In 2017, I founded Stone Home Building to take my work to the next level.

In Conclusion

I have always dreamed big! I set goals in life and I reach them! And I continue to learn something new every day. My time in the field has given me valuable insight and I have developed lifelong friendships with so many amazing and wonderful people.

Ever growing—ever reaching—I continue to deliver my very best on each project!

When not working, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, playing guitar, painting, and spending time with friends and family.

I hope to work with you soon!

Ryan Stone

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